Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for the use of our network By accessing our I3Quest’s site, you are considered to acknowledge all our terms and conditions. Throughout these terms and conditions, ‘We’ refers to I3Quest and ‘You’ refers to our clients.


In order to access our site, it is requisite to register your account, thereby you become a registered member. As a registered member, you agree that,

 Your username and password are stringently confidential and exclusive only to you.

 The account credentials shouldn’t be shared with anyone else to gain access to the site.

 Use of your account to interrupt the functionality of the site is prohibited.

 Inform us if any unauthorised activities of your account are observed

  Deactivating your Registered Account

If you wish to deactivate your registered account,

 Directly write a mail to

 If you no longer accept or you required further modifications in these conditions, deactivate your account.

 In any situations, if we notice you violating our terms and conditions, we may terminate your account without prior information.

  Contents in our Website

 As a registered user, all the contents in our website is only for your personal and non-commercial use. I3Quest is the sole proprietor for all the content comprising of all pictures, videos, texts, graphics, logos, audios and others. Use of our published contents without appropriate authorisation is against our conditions.


 Access to our website is subjected to fees and payments. The complete payment is mandatory to avail our e-magazine subscription. You’re duly responsible for the payment either by yourself, or someone else through website or digital applications. By subscribing to our magazine, we avail the subscription right from the particular month. During the payment, don’t share your card/account details with the third parties.

  Refund/Cancellation Policy

 At any point of time, you are allowed to cancel the subscription by writing a mail to You will be authorised to get a refund of payment to all the issues outstanding within your annual subscription

  Third-party advertising on our Website

 We allow third-party advertising on our website. At the same time, we don’t hold any responsibilities for all those advertisements. We neither give warranty nor guarantee to any of the promoted advertisements. If you wish to advertise on our site, write a mail to The team will steer you through the following regulations to promote your content

  Changes to terms and conditions

 We may change the terms and conditions at any time as per our regulations, and we hold the right to do it without any prior notice. Once changed, it will be brought to your concern. Thus review the terms and conditions periodically as you’ve to abide by the conditions whenever using our website.