From a Tiny Garage to a Trillion-Dollar Company – Apple Inc.

The blueprint of any successful organization or the tycoon is the I3 strategy, could you believe me if I say apple Inc. has also implemented the same? The most popular global brand has also installed the dynamic I3 strategy to its foundation. The story of the apple device started with the 'blue box'. the path of the apple was not a cakewalk, it was a blend of ups and downs. The dynamic turning point of Apple was when Steve Jobs gave a re-entry and aborted 70% of the product and laid off about 3000 employees. 2007 was their year, they jogged back with iPod and iTunes. yet another treat awaited for the company that they revolutionised the mobile industry to look up at the iPhones. If you wish to imply revolution in your business then peruse the article to decipher

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