From an Apprentice to an American Industrialist Henry Ford’s Action Plan

From a tiny village in American to the world's most momentous person in creating a revolution in the automobile industry- Henry Ford bloomed all the way from scratch. The absence of the right strategy will leave the business to forget its direction, efficiency, and profitability. Despite facing umpteen obstacles, financial crises and struggles, Henry Ford triumphed in the race through persistent effort, self-confidence and adhering to the I3 strategy. His fascinated ideas urged him to switch to a contemporary process with novel ideas. He was an ardent worker and equipped himself with technical skills by working as an apprentice engineer. His clear-cut long-term vision instilled the spark for the setting up the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Ford was not an inventor but an innovator. The desire to make a revolution in the process culture instigated him to emerge as the real trailblazer. The exceptional brain power of creating his own market was the stalwart drive for Henry Ford. if you are so confident about the product quality, you will rush to figure out a way to make it reach the people and that was the mindset of Henry Ford. The flourishing empire of Ford was the result of incorporating the I3 strategy and similarly, we look up to you to stuff yourself with the nuances of the leaders to emerge as one among them by reading the complete article.

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