$500 Billion Market Value: The Thriving Journey of Tencent Holdings

I3 is a gem of strategies. Tencent holdings limited started with a small software firm and now holds a net worth of 134.6 billion dollars. when the whole software companies had one idea, Tencent holdings resisted to jump on the bandwagon and drilled their own path as right as rain. Their first chatting app was Wechat, which enabled users to send text and voice messages. The innovation in them accelerated Tencent to assist its business model for being more nimble, agile, flexible and responsive to conceive novel products. Within two years span, Tencent games became familiar worldwide and also the highest-grossing game in history. The salt ingredient behind its supreme growth is the result of the I3 strategy. could you believe that Tencent has even surpassed Facebook with the market value? their achievement can be quoted with the I3 strategy which constitutes the for the success. The key takeaway of the whole nine yards is described effectively by untying the nuances in the article.

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