The Gambit of a Multinational Tech Conglomerate Cisco Systems

A business strategy equips an organisation with an integrated framework that acts as a masterplan to make its operation successful. undeniably, the I3 strategy has played an integral role in the emergence of the multinational tech conglomerate - cisco system. the giant tech-company cisco used the I3 strategy right from scratch to emerge as a supreme conglomerate. The founders Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner defined their process and were firm in not following the conventional process. not that all ideas can transform into a successful business, but with the right strategy, you can make it possible. a powerful idea would transform the process in the industry and this is how cisco on a whole. The company witnessed innovation as a great impact since it assisted them in becoming more productive. The company believed that cultural integration is better and effortless when core principles match. This made cisco grow successfully by acquiring umpteen businesses. to know where their wit has confronted their success, read the complete article.

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