Flipkart’s Redefining Strategy of becoming a Giant E-commerce Leader.

A paramount part of an organization's victory lies in the strategy it utilises to evolve step by step right from the scratch. the giant leader of the e-commerce industry, Flipkart has revolved around with I3 strategy which constituted for their potential success. they yearned to connect and create a brand-new shopping experience for the people and that's how India's most trusted online platform was born. The ideology is tremendously imperative as it forms the bedrock of the company and when ideas are robust, they move on to the implementation process that changed the accustomed ways of shopping. with a wide market analysis, the two founders Sachin and Binny Bansal stepped into the e-commerce industry to sell the book, and the process was a cat on a hot brick. they received their first order after one month. instead of harping on the same string the founders with their innovation process started selling smartphones. their empire got nurtured with the implementation of few initiatives to build the consumer's trust which the peers lacked. guess what, they pioneered e-Commerce and are still getting stronger. the essence of their secret success as an e-commerce giant is revealed in this article.

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