Privacy Policy

The following are the privacy policy adopted by I3Quest with recognition to the website This privacy policy is a part of the terms and condition that regulate your use of the site. We revere your privacy, and we adhere to safeguard all your personal information. This privacy policy document explains how we gather your data, why we use them, and where we disclose your information. By accessing our website and services, you agree to gather the data as per our privacy policy.

  What do we gather from you?

We gather and process the information, which you furnished voluntarily at the period of registering the account. This mainly comprises of name, email address, phone number, address and other personal information. When you limit yourself from proffering these essential details, then you may not gain access to register your account, and also you can’t avail our services. Once you begin utilising our website, we persistently collect information about you through cookies and other technologies.

  How we Utilise the Gathered Data?

One of the prime reasons for gathering your data is to furnish you the finest service. The services include making you access the website, respond to your queries, send newsletters, and mandatory for us to know our customer. From the gathered cookies, we offer you the requisite services, tools, and much more assisting information through our advertisements. We may share your information with third-party advertisements to satisfy your needs through their marketing strategy. For detailed information, write a mail to Our team will provide you with detailed guidance on it.

  Disclosing Gathered Data to Third-Parties

We disclose the gathered data to third-parties only from proper approval from you or under the following circumstances. We may disclose data under any legal obligations and other concurrences. We allow third-party companies to assists in furnishing you the finest service to all our clients. These companies stand as data processors and are stringently contained in how they may/may not use the gathered data. However, we’re duly responsible for safeguarding your personal information

  Control and Update your Data

You’re allowed to contain the gathering, use, and sharing of your data. You can also update your data periodically according to your preferences. Please note that if you even erase all the data, we’ll be able to retain all the data, in accordance with our data retention policy.

  Changes in Privacy Policy

In case if we make changes in our privacy policy, we will post the changes in our websites to keep you aware of the changes. These changes can be made by us to match the regulations and requirements and we may not hold the right to inform in prior to you. Thus have a look at the privacy policies regularly.