How OTT Is Going to Redefine the Media & Entertainment Industry

From newspaper, radio, television to OTT, the Media and entertainment industry is bouncing back to back with the advancement of technology. The emergence of OTT has disrupted the entertainment sector as it made watching the movies more convenient, accessible and affordable across all sets of users. as every industry is getting digitized, in a broader sense OTT is the digitized platform in the media and entertainment industry. There is no wonder that pandemic has also impacted a huge impression on OTT and its increased users. In the digital -era of hyper-connectivity, consumers prefer access to content that is personalized. consequently, the media and entertainment industry is witnessing unprecedented changes. did you know in 2010 when Netflix had just started stepping its toes in the international waters, the home-grown TVF media labs had felt the need for an online platform to reach out for entertainment purposes. several OTT platforms entered the Indian scene in 2010 where they showcased content already being aired on National televisions. AI and blockchain are redefining the OTT platforms of the world. innovation in the storyline is the critical factor that is fueling the OTT platform's growth. The rising user base and digital advertisement indicate a bright future for this sector and to know in deep dive into the article which depicts the origin, evolution, and futuristic vision of OTT.

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