The Game-Changer, Trailblazer, and High-Flier – Sam Walton

From sales trainee to one of the world's best entrepreneurs, Sam Walton slogged his fingers to the bone to make his dream come true by commencing his own retail chain - Walmart. I3 strategy pitched in and helped Walmart to evolve as one of the world's largest corporations. Walton realized that ideas are the building block and fundamentals for any organization. Massive ideas can come from anywhere and it is essential to look for them. Through his unnerving ideas, he seized the attention of the customers. To know what was the idea to get into the article. Walmart focused on user- experience and consumers felt very much fascinated and comfortable with the brand-new ideas of Walmart. Through innovation, Walton unleashed the potential in redefining the traditional process culture of shopping. He persistently fiddled and meddled with the traditional stuff and later that constituted for the success of Walmart as innovation of I3 strategy uplifted the success path. Growth by expansion was the most crucial strategy for Walmart which is explained in the article. All his redefining process and brand-new customer experience turned him to be a trailblazer. The secret of the dark horse is to leak in the article

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