A Tech Billionaire – Peter Thiel s Aspiring Strategy

Peter Thiel is a business leader who felicitously adhered to I3 strategy as a powerful business tool in his business. He is a technopreneur and venture capitalist. Only those who knew the dynamic value of disrupting ideas can become successful entrepreneur. He valued zero to one, and one to N concepts which is the germ for the ideation process. Do you know what made him create PayPal? The answer is described in the article. He pursued his innovation to quench the essence of success. Thiel came up with such innovation through asking contrarian questions. Some details have made him come up with a big data analysis company which depicts his innovation has influenced the organization constructively. From being a clerk to a tech billionaire, Thiel has battled hard to emerge as the leader with magnificent I3 strategy and that’s how his monopoly innovation has excelled. Before you incorporate I3 into your business, go through the article to know better about I3 and its implementation.

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