Differentiating the Startup & Large Company in Terms of Growth

By definition, a startup company is an entrepreneurial venture that is typically a newly emerged business that aims to provide an innovative product, process, or service to the market and hopes to scale to a big company. On the other hand, a big corporation is a larger, more stable, and profit-making enterprise with specific social and economic impacts. To better illustrate their differences, let me use the too commonly used but never disappointing analogy of comparing big corporations to huge tankers and comparing startups to small speed boats. The giant tanker moves very slowly, is untouched by the ocean currents and waves, and hires many people on board. The speed boat is agile, has a small team, and can go far and explore the unvisited parts of the natural sea like no other big tanker does. Jumping off this analogy, let’s take a look at the strengths of startups in terms of exponential growth, breaking the status quo and becoming the game changer and the reasons for big corporations to fail in the aforementioned qualities of growth.

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