About Us

The millennial generation is in full gear right now. Being in the driving seat of action, they are taking the world by storm with their trailblazing achievements. Indeed by its looks, this generation is promising a potential that can usher the world into a new era of transformation. The statement catches a special meaning in the world of entrepreneurship where millennials like Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Speigel, and Brian Chesky are changing the way people live, socialize, and do business. Now, this on-going transformation can be a little too strenuous for some of us looking to get into the world of entrepreneurship and tech. Yes, there are tons of mediums out there to keep up with the news but let's be honest with ourselves. They are too generic and bland to appeal to the needs and aspirations unique to a millennial mind. We need something which understands us, gives us things we are interested in, and speaks our lingo.

We are thrilled to launch our new e-magazine, I3 Quest, a platform for sharing information and marketing, tying together business professionals’ ideas, innovation from firms of all sizes and companies in a broad range of markets. Whether discussing the entrepreneurship or the startup ecosystem in various regions, I3 Quest would be the best choice in hand to retrieve an idea on the contemporary business world. With personalized feature articles, tailored brochures, and a permanent hosted Web presence on our site, I3 Quest provides the exposure and intelligence business professionals need to stand out and shape and manage their businesses. For entrepreneurs eager to gather game-changing insights and information about the business world, learning from the most successful business persons is the best way to go. If they cannot mentor you, at least you can read about them.

There can be many different aspects that contribute to your startup’s success, but none are more important than your business idea. So, how do you do it right? What is the secret to success? What does it take to make a startup a sustainable business? The business world is much more challenging than you might think. Customers are much more fickle than you care to appreciate. You can’t just do what every other company does; life doesn’t work like that. To get past this issue, there are some other factors that come into play that can confirm the quality of your idea. I3 Quest deals vividly with the entrepreneurial idea and its importance to a startup to hop on to the mainstream business world.

As startups usually struggle with a lack of resources, and the team faces multiple attention demands, proposing business intelligence practices is a new challenge to overcome. Still, as information is a crucial resource for better decision making, it can pay off. Business intelligence matters. Whether it's for productivity or sales and revenue projections, using in-house tools can provide incredible insight into areas that need focus. It is a technology-driven process with workable strategies and applications to help analyze and represent data in any business setting. This process is ideal for ensuring company managers, corporate executives, and even startup founders make conversant decisions on matters of running the company. For this, I3 Quest is ideal in developing and creating new opportunities to help in expanding the business and increasing returns and the ultimate turnover. The motive is to encourage easy interpretation and representation of data and implement an effective strategy for long-term business stability.

When you think about startups and entrepreneurship, it is common for the first feature to emerge is the innovation. But what importance of innovation? Due to the high level of competition, demand is fundamental for differentiating ideas. Whether through the introduction of new services, products, or processes, either through significant improvements in the existing market. It is increasing the impact of innovation on the success of a company, whatever its size. However, many people still feel a little lost at the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur and do not understand the importance of innovation and how you can change the course of your business. This is where our e-magazine, I3 Quest, is indispensable in bringing you the latest trends and innovations happening in the contemporary business world. I3 Quest magazine helps business professionals to work more intelligently and efficiently. This magazine sets its focus on the agenda for the business professional. It uncovers the best and up-and-coming practices for the professionals - Advice, insight, profiles, and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. The significant I’s - Idea, Intelligence, and Innovation are disproportionately underrepresented in this market. I3 Quest seeks to inspire, inform, and celebrate entrepreneurs while providing invaluable insights into the main I3 of the business. We offer real solutions to the challenges you face as an entrepreneur, including tips, tools, and insider news to help build and grow your business.

Our Vision

‘Nourishing Business Minds through Meaningful Content’ is our motto we adhere to publish the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide in-depth information about everything in the entrepreneurial eco-system. Primarily, it deals with the significant 3 I’s in the business -- Idea, Intelligence, and Innovation. The magazine’s tone is crisp, straightforward, and applicable to resonate with its millennial and regular audience base.

I-3 Quest is an online magazine that powers Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Startups, Authors, and Summits. With a goal to publish information that is inspiring, positive & knowledge-rich, I-3 Quest is focused on its mission to make entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs wise, and accomplished with the significant three I’s of the business.